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How I missed a chance to meet Kal Penn, because I thought I lost my blog


Yes, that happened yesterday and I don’t understand it any more than you do. Just a day ago, I was bragging to a friend on how I acquired the invitation from the American Centre in Delhi, to participate in the event, Interaction with Kal Penn and later watch the screening of Mira Nair’s film ‘The Namesake’, starring the great Irrfan Khan, Tabu and yes, Mr. Kal Penn.

As I write this I am still cringing in my cane chair. Oh, this is a misery! I skipped work, because it would have been difficult for me to come back to my flat, drop my laptop, shower, change and then head towards CP. I had it all planned. Oh, hell! I even went to the parlor on weekend. Okay, this is sounding more ridiculous, the more I think of it.

My blog on have been in a neglected state for a long time. I really wanted to get it started again: to be more consistent with my contents. I also wanted to change my blog name and stick to a particular content style for my loyal followers.

So, I started working on my blog name, looking for hints and guide on websites. That was my weekend task and I was still on it yesterday. I was so engrossed in the task that I decided to skip cooking and cleaning the house. I was like a possessed Shere Khan, who badly needed to take control of the situation for a change. I thought I needed to be more professional and serious with the job. Oh! I still needed to get the print-out of the invitation.

I narrowed down my list and was really pushing for time. I went to get the print-out. I tell you, nothing was working right yesterday. The woman at the cyber café could not get the pen-drive working. She went on scanning the pen-drive repetitively, when there was no indication of virus. Ah, the agony! I finally got it done from a different café. I then got packets of Maggies, which would be my dinner if I reached home late.

I got home, sat on my laptop again. After a moment, I got thinking that I finally got a blog name I could connect with. To activate the blog name, I began following the instructions carefully provided on WordPress support page. I typed in the site name, the site description and then the new blog name. Lo and behold! When I refreshed the page it’s asking me to make my first post. I freaked out. I guess, its then, that I lost my cool. I went browsing the WordPress site looking for answers. My mind was clouded. I felt the stress. I was thinking about all the little efforts I had committed in keeping the site alive, my community, my friends, their precious comments… Bummer! I left a query on the site and shut off my laptop. I could not bear the pain any more.

I decided that probably the Interaction event would cheer me up and inspire me someway. I started to get ready for the evening, when I received a call from the Blue Dart man, delivering my credit card. Now, a new thought struck me – what if I get a domain for the blog. I mean, yes, I may need to restart all over again. But, I was sure I have my community list somewhere in my email and stuffs I write are always saved on my personal folder. The idea excited me.

Now my mind was in a conflict. Should I start right away or wait for the tech support team to get back on my query. No, I should go to the event and work on the blog later. What if it gets too late? The timings between 5-9 PM (I think). I mean like if I get lazy after reaching home. I was trying to justify my actions in every possible way I could. I was almost ready, just needed to fix my hair. I decided then, that, everything else could wait, except the blog. Hell! I don’t even like sharing pictures on social media, just to make my friends envious. The American Centre has also sent a caution note saying that the service would be on first arrival basis. I am not even sure how early I should get there? I mean, it would be terrible to reach there and know that the seats are full.

So, I opened my laptop. I can see the time 3:20 PM; in case, I change my mind again and decide to go. I opened my Facebook page for the first time that day and I see that the American Centre has ‘Liked’ my comment on one of their posts and yes, there is also a reminder of the day’s event. My eyes drifted towards the time on my laptop. There’s still time.

I called the card help line number and activated my card. Now I have a domain name to call my own. I chose a theme and clicked on the activate button. Huh! What, the site is asking me to choose a blog on which I would like to activate the theme on. Oh! This is painful. And, just then, I mean just then, I receive another reminder message of the event from the American Centre and the change in timing, now 5-8 PM. Oh! How I wish I could fly now.

So, now I have two active blogs, one with a self domain name and a not-so-useful print-out invitation page. I might just as well call up the Dominos. You don’t have to over think in that.


6 thoughts on “How I missed a chance to meet Kal Penn, because I thought I lost my blog”

  1. Never knew you to be so indecisive. Better luck next time.
    By the way, your “thank you for subscribing…etc” is blocking my screen. I’m on my laptop. Don’t know if it’s only my problem.

    Liked by 1 person

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