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Mussoorie as I see it

Mussoorie is one of my favorite escape destinations from the chaotic city life. With snow top mountain ranges to tall deodar and cone laden pine trees to pleasant refreshing climate: the prosperous town has a lot to offer. If you are based in north India around the Delhi NCR region, Mussoorie is hard to pass for. All you need is an early morning start, warm clothes for the evening and good music for the trip.

Your travel itinerary may vary according to the purpose of your trip and place you put up in. Be warned this may not be the right location for your usual ‘common’ travel itinerary.  I am a bit of a wanderer and prefer to stay away from the crowd.  And thankfully, I know people who can show me the less traveled path, away from the maddening crowd.

I woke up to this beautiful sight in the distant hill. DSG_2987This is a beautifully adorned Buddhist prayer flags on top of a hill, located above the Shedup Choepelling Temple, on Happy Valley Road. Later in day, I went down to have a closer look and I was not disappointed. The sight was breathtaking.  Owing to its high altitude the place is windy, with colorful prayer flags majestically fluttering all the way up the hill-top. And just when you think you have seen it all, the view of the Himalayan ranges far ahead would make you longing for more.

It isn’t hard to work up an appetite after climbing the hill and visiting nearby places. Mussoorie has lots of options to satisfy your taste buds. But for me, being in Mussoorie and not eating at the Kalsang Restaurant will be like going to Agra and not visiting the Taj Mahal. It is a Tibetan restaurant with authentic Tibetan menu. Just yum! IMG_1591My every meal here has not gone in waste. Apart from the vibrancy of the place, there is a huge energy level that each of the waiters here exhibits. The Restaurant is located on Mall Road, on the tri-section crossing.

If you are a nature enthusiast who enjoys walking, then there are plenty of beautiful natural trails that you can embark upon. You may chance upon some local animals on the way, pretty much harmless. For others, wanting to have a view of the entire town from a particular spot, pick any of the famous view points such as Camel Back, Hawa Mahal, among others.

Mussoorie is an ever-growing popular hill station. With its soothing climate and diverse cultural influence, consisting of famous institutes, magnificent regal churches and buildings dating back to the British eras, the hill station attracts lots of foreigners. Mussoorie is recognized as an adventure and festival destination. My Mussoorie diary is an ever evolving journey. I am a fan of the place and I could never get enough of it.


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