Little about Me…

Hi there!

Welcome to my world…                                                            .

Generally, talking about myself feels kind of weird for me. It gets worst at job interviews 🙂 So most of the time, I’m the quiet one, sitting and listening to everyone, in the corner of the room. It’s actually fun to see how animated people can become.

So, now after a lot of pondering and scary moments, I think, I can best describe my thoughts in words. Though, ‘flowery’ won’t be the term I would use to describe my writing.

I’m sort of an inspired writer. I write short stories. Thank goodness, for Flash Fiction. I’m also trying my hands on script writing. I like writing contests, they keep me busy 🙂 . I have also written several articles as a citizen journalist and sub editor, while working for a news portal, even press releases (which is boring though).

If I’m not writing, then I am consumed with the tunes of The Script, probably, while baking, composing photos, talking to my dogs; or, watching travel shows or Master Chef Australia, reviewing movies, reading scripts, reading e-books, watching the stars from the roof top, traveling to some scenic location, running to clear my mind or dreaming about some fantasy world. LOL!

This is my second blog, created accidentally, but, it’s turning out great. In this blog I would be sharing some of my personal experiences in dealing with my nemesis and moments from the past. It is also a progressive journey for me in my pursuit in improving my writing skills, thus, aiming to achieve my goals one at a time. I intend to share extracts from my scripts and fictional stories, which I’m working on.

Hope there’s something for everyone here.


Mitela (Thank you)

Bronia Mrong.